Emilie was put on a movie set at a very young age… being thrown from one department to the other, getting to learn everybody’s tasks and mostly, discovering the magical world of movie making from her child eyes! She spent her teenage summers working in production offices, but, since she wanted to open her horizons, she then decided to study fashion design for a year and then 3D computer animation for an other year. But she finally returned to her roots when she fell in love with Make Up and realized she wanted to create characters for living! Since then, she has been working as a MakeUp Artist and a MakeUp Designer with such greats as Martin Scorsese, Sir Ben kingsley, Jeremy Irons and other talented figures of the industry. Emilie has been evolving through the years fed by her unique passion and sensitivity towards this art. Her talent, her flexibility and her professionalism make the experience of working with her a real charm.